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Have you been considering a new and more efficient way to cool your home? May we suggest ductless air conditioning in Austin? This incredible and convenient AC method is perfect for homes and small businesses.

Our team of keep-cool contractors is the best in the biz! Each installer has a genuine knowledge of air conditioning models and types and which ones make the most sense for your personal situation.

They'll assess your home and its size, plus go over your unique cooling goals to determine which type of ductless AC works best for you. Our company has been keeping Texans cool for over two decades.

When a new model comes on the market, we're the first ones to explore its features and learn how to get it quickly installed.

We all know how hot it can get in America's southwestern region, which is why reliable indoor cooling is essential. Are you excited to learn more? Give AC Repair Austin a call right now to speak to one of our skilled representatives.

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What Makes Ductless ACs Such a Good Idea?

Are you on the fence about installing ductless mini-split air conditioning units in your Austin home? We get it. Not many people understand how these phenomenal coolers work, and we're here to clear a few things up for you. Let's explore the benefits of ductless ACs:

  • Zero Duct Work - As the name states, ductless air conditioners are easy to install and do not require and duct installation. Ducts are expensive and need a great deal of maintenance.
  • Adjustable Settings - One of the best aspects about ductless units is that they are adjustable and can be set to keep the temperature at different degrees in varying rooms.
  • Energy Efficient - Due to tears and gaps in ductwork HVAC units, you can lose a lot of energy efficiency with that type of cooling system. However, ductless doesn't have that problem and saves you money on utility bills.
  • Extremely Quiet - Window units and central air conditioners are often very noisy and disruptive, whereas ductless models are quieter than rustling leaves.
  • Affordable - Going ductless is the more affordable option in comparison to other AC models.
  • Flexible Design - did you know that some ductless air conditioners double as heaters? 

We really admire all of the features of ductless cooling units, especially the fact that they purify the air in the home. What a bonus!

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Going with a Ductless Air Conditioning Unit in Austin, TX, is Awesome!

When choosing an AC system, we feel the best choice is different for every home or business owner. The size of your commercial property, for example, will most likely require an industrial-sized system if it is very big and hosts many people on a daily basis.

However, we find that ductless air conditioning is an excellent option for almost all Austin homeowners. If you are currently using window units, you are probably paying an arm and a leg in energy bills because those models cause gaping where air escapes, and they are extreme energy suckers.

Central air is another great way to cool your home, but it too comes with some cons, such as being expensive to install, requiring ductwork, and not allowing you to set temperatures per individual room.

Ductless systems include many features and accessories that everyone can get on board with, such as being a complete HVAC unit in one!

We love that most of the splitters that we install act as an air conditioner AND a heater. Please visit our blog if you'd like to know more about ductless AC units.

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You Don't Want to Miss Out on Ductless Air Conditioning in Austin!

24/7 AC Repair Austin is your top resource for all things ductless air conditioning-related. Our team installs, repairs, and helps homeowners maintain these marvelous models so that you are always kept in cool, comfortable indoor temperatures.

We offer competitive pricing for all services as well as the units themselves. Our company feels that comfortable indoor air is a right that all Texans are eligible to have. As you know, it can get blistering hot and dry here in The Lonestar State.

The temps can soar to dangerous heights in the summer, and we don't want anyone to fall prey to heat stroke or worse.

If you don't have an AC unit or wish to upgrade your current system with a ductless unit, please don't hesitate to call, email, or reach us through our convenient online form.



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